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New Beta!

A new beta version of QA Proxy has just been released, version 1.0 beta 1. Please visit the beta page for more information.


Mkulu QA Proxy is used to view the details of HTTP packets. It is a useful tool for web development and testing. Work is ongoing to increase the tool's functionality. The proxy is able to parse the binary AMF protocol used by Macromedia Flash Remoting.


I really want to hear back from you on what you thought of QA Proxy. You can send all ideas, suggestions, comments, bug reports, etc. to me:
qaproxy at

Also, visit the QA Proxy pages on SourceForge ( where you can get the latest releases, view the forums or log bugs in the bug tracker.


QA Proxy v0.1 Windows installer (app + source)
QA Proxy v0.1 Source Code only (ZIP file)

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