Mkulu Open Index

Mkulu Open Index is intended for people who want a way to automatically open an HTML document when a CD is placed in to a Windows computer with autorun enabled.

When autorun is enabled (which is the default behaviour in Windows) and you insert a CD in to you CD-ROM drive, Windows looks for a file called autorun.inf in the root directory of the CD. This file specifies an application which is automatically be run by Windows, normally a setup program or something similar.

The basic syntax of the autorun.inf file is very simple:

open=application_to_open.exe /command-line-switches

So, if you wanted your CD to automatically pop up an HTML document when it's inserted in to the drive, you may think to try the following:

Unfortunately, that won't work. The Windows autorun feature expects the open directive to point to an executable file. That's where Mkulu Open Index comes in.

Mkulu Open Index, when run, looks for a file named either index.htm or index.html in the same directory and if found, launches the default browser to view that file. The syntax for using the app is very simple:


You can download the application or source code below
- Download the application
- Download the source code

Mkulu Open Index was written in Borland Delphi and is released under the GPL. It's an extremely simple application, there's only one source file, mkOpenIndex.dpr, Here's the full source:

program mkOpenIndex;

  ShellAPI, SysUtils, Windows;

{$R *.res}

    IndexFile: String;
    if FileExists('index.htm') then
        IndexFile := 'index.htm'
    else if FileExists('index.html') then
        IndexFile := 'index.html'
        MessageBox(0,'Unable to locate the index document to autorun.' +#10#13 +
                   'Please browse to your CD-ROM drive and open either ' +
                   ' ''index.htm'' or ''index.html'' manually',
                   'Unable to autorun index file', mb_OK);
    ShellExecute(0, 'open',PChar(IndexFile),nil,nil, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

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