Mkulu Simple P2P Chat

Audience: Advanced End Users, Developers, Quality Engineers
Operating System: Windows 32 and 64 bit
Tested Under: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Development Language: C#
.NET Version: 3.5
License: zlib license
Latest Release: 1.0


This is a bare-bones super simple peer to peer chat application. There's nothing fancy about it. Once you've downloaded the zip, put all the files into a directory and you are good to go. The entire user manual is the screenshot below. Oh, and it helps if both parties have the app installed and running, just saying.


One tip, if you hate the "ding ding ding" new message alert sound, any old wave file can be used, just make sure to rename it new_message.wav.

Note:This application has a dependency on the IniFileManager class.

Download and Support Information

You will find all the downloads at

If you want to check out the latest Mkulu Utils source from Subversion, the URL is

If you just want to browse the source code in Subversion, you can do so at this link

For support or to create a bug report, please use the tools at

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