Mkulu QA Proxy 1.0 Beta

The very first thing you need to do is grab the latest beta (beta 1) from Sourceforge:

Please Note: This is a binary only download, just save it to disk and run it from the location you saved it to. Later releases will come wrapped in an installer with help files and all that good stuff.

If you've never used Mkulu QA Proxy before

... I suggest you first take a look at the existing documentation, especially the example of using QA Proxy.

What's New?

The list of new features is numerous, here is the breakdown of the major highlights by functional area:

HTTP Logging

AMF Logging



The success of this beta depends on you and the feedback you send in. All feedback is welcome, from bug reports to feature suggestions to GUI improements. You have a number of options for sending feedback:

Thanks for trying Mkulu QA Proxy 1.0 Beta.

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